Frequently Asked Questions

How can Vedic Vastu and Astrology help me with parenting?
Many parents are inquisitive to know their kids' future. If Province granted, all would have changed their kid’s future. Many of us think the birth chart is like a chess game, just move the kids as pawns and place them in the desired box. But to tell you the truth, a lot of their life is formed by the age of seven, the formative years, personality is almost built and by the age of 24 years, it is complete. As per Sage Brihat Parashara, after the age of 24, the child’s birth chart becomes independent and is not affected by parents' kundlis. The same goes for psychology. It is important that parenting must be learned by a certified psychiatrist or therapist before youngsters become parents. From the Scriptures’ lens, east and northwest directions are good for newly married couples. While conceiving or conceptualizing, guru mantra or Vedic syllables can be chanted, so that we attract evolved beings in our womb. We must be doing this divine act in a cheerful mood and for that, it is good to keep a check on Vitamin D (sun) and all the hormones (moon) before planning a child. Sri Krishan says, “These cruel and hateful persons, the vile and vicious of humankind, I constantly hurl into the wombs of those with similar demoniac natures in the cycle of rebirth in the material world. These ignorant souls take birth again and again in demoniac wombs. Failing to reach me, O Arjun, they droop to the most abominable type of existence.” Sun is the father, and the moon is the mother, as per Astrology and the most important planets in the chart. As per Modern Psychology, children are influenced the most by their parents. Children ape their parents unconsciously. So, I suggest we take lessons before becoming parents. If the kids are nurtured well with food, love, and care, trust me, they will be smart, balanced, and strong kids. Stronger kids will lead to a stronger nation. Just holding your child’s hand, hugging them, will give them a sense of security. They will always come back to you and never rely on intoxicating substances. If you want your child’s Sun to improve in the chart, just work on building the father-child relationship. Always keep their Vitamin D at an optimum level and sit with them in the sun for at least 20 minutes daily. Even during pregnancy, it must be kept at an optimum level. The same goes with the Moon as the Moon is mother, stay hydrated. The key habits to raising a successful child are to inculcate–an outdoor sport, reading, and building talent. If they have a talent, they will never sleep hungry in their lives. An outdoor sport will ensure they come home tired and sleep well. Reading will always help them raise their level of consciousness. When the roots are deep, there is no need to fear the strong winds. The kids are constantly watching you, so behave the way you want your kids to be. “Monkey tell monkey do”- does that happen? No, it never happens. “Monkey sees monkeys do”- Our kids do what they see. The emotional trauma that a kid goes through is hardly taken care of. Instead, they are given lectures on high morals and spiritual lessons. I suggest the parents must work on their minds and rest assured their kids will be just fine.
How to do Vastu in an apartment?
Energize the entrance and brahmasthan by placing a Manjusha. Do not try to change the kitchen and toilet in existing apartments. Even if you change the toilet, the pipeline still exists, and other residents are still using the toilets on other floors. Hence it is pointless. Rather, focus on making other things positive. If positive points outweigh negative points then Vastu is taken care of, says Architect Mandan, author of Sri RajVallabh.
How do I do Vastu of an existing home?
As per Lord Vishwakarma, the Divine Architect, by doing Shailyodwar at the Brahmasthan of a home, Vastu is taken care of for existing homes. Refer to verse 2.93, of VKP.
How do I know if I have Vastu dosha in my existing home?
When your sleep gets disturbed, when animals make unusual noises, where women fight, where pigeons reside is a sign of Vastu dosha. When the unusual death and health issues of many family members start to take place is when we can say that there is Vastu dosha in our home. Refer to verses 1.21-23 of VKP
Where do I place my kitchen?
Refer Manushyalaya Chandrika, chapter 7. It can be placed on Vayu, Isha, Parjanya, Jayant, Mahendra, Surya, Satya, Agni, Pusha, Savitra.
Where do I place my locker?
North wall, West, Southwest, and Southeast direction are good for a locker
Where do I place my toilet?
Except for Southeast, Agni pad, all other pads are acceptable. Do not construct toilets on Marma and Brahmasthan.
Where do I keep my altar?
On the east wall, in Isha pad, on the west wall preferably Varun pad. Aditi pad on the north is also very auspicious.
Where do I keep my refrigerator?
On the south wall of the kitchen.
Where do I keep my dustbin?
On the west wall.
Where do I keep the overhead water tank?
The best is the Varun Pad if the facade is not to the west. Other options are the north direction. Refer to chapter Jalashay, of VKP.
Where do I keep the slope of the land?
Towards east and north or northeast.
Where do I face while sitting?
East and North. The rule applies even while using the washrooms.
Where do I keep my gas hob?
If Kitchen is in the east then Agni pad. If the kitchen is in the west, then near the window which will be on the west wall.
Where can I have my Staircase?
Except for Brahmasthan, all other directions are advisable. For Valid Proof, refer to Manushyalaya Chandrika, book 2 of our series.
How do I create wealth?
Focus on north, southeast, and west directions. Clear Shailya dosha.
How do I improve my Health?
Keep the east direction clean and remove any shailya dosha. Make sure your: protein intake is high (60%), low on carbs(30%), well-hydrated, exercise regularly, and soak yourself for 20 minutes in the sunlight.
Why do ladies of the home fight?
When there is dosha in the Southwest direction, ladies tend to fight, or even if their Rahu is off track in their chart, they get aggressive.
How do I improve my terms with the government department?
The East direction must be kept clean, free from dampness, and try to keep a window in the east for proper sunlight. Make sure there is proper ventilation from the south.
How do I make my factory run with full capacity?
For factories, energize North, Southeast, and West.
How do I become rich?
Work hard and elevate your level of consciousness by working on all three forms of energy- Iccha Shakti, Gyana Shakti, and Kriya shakti. Worship Goddess Laxmi. Place your altar on Varun pad keeping aayadi as 5 for the temple and the idol. For Sadhanas refer to the book, Ancient Science of Mantras by Om Swami ji.
How do I find the calmness of the mind?
Keep the northwest clean, and hydrate yourself well as this affects the Moon directly which is a significator of the mind. Place some pearls in the northwest region, preferably below the ground.
How do I sell a property?
Northwest is the region to enhance sales. Place Manjusha on the Northwest corner of the plot.
Which direction is better?
All directions belong to Lord Brahma. All can make you prosperous. Try to place the entrance on the right pads. Refer to the Dvar chapter of VKP.
What are the top three Vastu tips to see while buying a home?
Proper Ventilation, enough Sunlight, and clear Brahmasthan. Also, make sure there is no toilet in the Southeast or Agni pad.