Manoj Singhal

Senior Architect

~A firm believer in the ability of the human mind and its flair to adapt to changing habitats.

His potential lies in displaying architectonic forms in nourishing our societies for impactful presence. As a researcher, he has made huge strides in advancing essential knowledge in neuroarchitecture.

State of affairs since infancy has been on product designing in distinct subjects. Advanced architecture and interior design practitioner for 32 years on copious spaces, he has accomplished more than 300 projects, predominantly in the eastern region of India. Prominent journals and various publications have placed his projects in high regard.

The application of neuroscience in built spaces, aiming to better comprehend the impact of architecture on the human brain and behavior, has been the basis of his professional endeavor. Vedic Vāstu lessons from Dr. Jayshree Oṃ played a pivotal role in reforming human dwellings.

Preparation to adapt to new technologies and a passionate approach to creating environments with management capabilities have been his standard approach.

Distinctive leadership qualities in tackling obstacles with firm affirmation and strength define his persona.

He strongly considers that Hatha Yoga and Meditation are the etymology of creativity and perseverance. A traveler at heart, he truly relishes nature and life.


-A recipient of the best design in residential projects by Hafele star awards 2021.

Honored as top 25 most prominent architects of India 2022, by Beginup Research Intelligence Pvt Ltd.